Mehta Shiv Dayal Singh Mehta Guru Dayal Singh Kaushal

The MSDS is very close to our hearts and inspiration to all of us. Its a dream which is the power house of all our endeavor. Though it seems a new venture as it is but it has its roots three generation back. Mehta Shiv Dayal Singh of Amritsar & his ancestors was a prominent land lord in Sikh Raj and forest contractor in British Raj. He had its factory in Calcutta with the name of "Mehta Shibo Dial & Sons". He had a son Mehta Guru Dayal Singh Kaushal, who was a freedom fighter and staunch swayamsevak and social worker. Though he was not in business but he always had a place in his heart for his father's company. more......

Mehta Guru Dayal Singh Kaushal

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