About Us


The MSDS is very close to our hearts and inspiration to all of us. Its a dream which is the power house of all our endeavor. Though it seems a new venture as it is but it has its roots three generation back. Mehta Shiv Dayal Singh of Amritsar & his ancestors was a prominent land lord in Sikh Raj and forest contractor in British Raj. He had its factory in Calcutta with the name of "Mehta Shibo Dial & Sons". He had a son Mehta Guru Dayal Singh Kaushal, who was a freedom fighter and staunch swayamsevak and social worker. Though he was not in business but he always had a place in his heart for his father's company.


Now Mehta Shiv Dayal & Sons (MSDS) Global Enterprises is a vision, effort, dedication and tribute to those who started it. Contributing best in upliftment of nation by all means & ways was the essence of life of Mehta Shiv Dayal & Mehta Guru Dayal. MSDS Global Enterprises also follow it from its very begining. MSDS Global Enterprises believes people make a nation strong, thus increasing strength of people is increasing strength of nation. MSDS Global enterprises has various verticals to make people physical, mental, technical & economical strong.


Bharat Village Bazar is a venture of MSDS Global Enterprises which is dedicated to promote swadeshi and local products. Bharat Village Bazar catters its services by a franchisee cum web portal model. Click here to know more

MARC is cattering designing, printing, publishing & IT related services. Now under MSDS Global Enterprises MARC is also spreading its wings for overseas and pan India market. Click here to know more

Swasti Gramodhyog is to promote enterprenuership in villages by supporting youth of villages in establishing manufacturing units of various agriculture & animal husbandry products. Swasti Gramodhyog is a series of small manufacturing units in villages of different things which will be a massive supply chain for INDIYANA and Bharat Village Bazar. Click here to know more

Pragya is a MSDS vertical to work in the field of training and education. The leaves of and flowers of Mehta Shiv Dayal's family is serving education sector continuously from the begining. It is an effort to keep all the things together in order to serve nation better. Pragya is cattering services to schools, colleges, institutions and industry by developing and delivering training and learning techniques. Click here to know more

INDIYANA is to deliver and promote Indian products and culture overseas under umbrella of MSDS Global enterprises. It is an effort to keep alive the feel of Indian Market in our foreign resident Indian brothers & sisters. Click here to know more

Travel Buddy, the forth coming venture of MSDS Global Enterprises in tourism and hospitality sector. The vary concept of Travel Buddy is, "Tourists are not market, they are friends." So Travel Buddy will help them as friend instead of working as agent.