Help: 03 How to Uploading Product in Bharat Village Bazar Shop?

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Upload Product in Bharat Village Bazar Shop
Once you have created your shop / business you may upload number of products by following steps mentioned below:

Step 1 Click on My Business (It will show sub options)  

Step 2 Click on Manage Business  

Step 3 Click on Add option in product section an business dashboard (It will show a form)


• Click on the drop down of Product Name and your Product Name Add.

•Click on drop down  and enter your stock( which stock you have to sold)

•Click on the drop down box  on Main Category  and select your Main category. (If you want add sub category and other sub category on your product so click on drop down box on sub category and subcategory level (1) It’s not  compulsory to select category and subcategory.)

Step 5 Add your Product Rate 

•Click on drop down of Market Rate and select/put down your Product Market Rate.

•Click on drop down of Seller Rate and select/put down your product Seller rate.

•Click on drop down  of  Packing charges and select/put down your Product Packing charges.

Step 6 Add Your Product Dimensions

•Click on drop down of Length of product and select your product Length.

•Click on drop down of  Width of product and select your product Width.

•Click on drop down of Depth/Width of product and select your Product Depth/Width. 

•Click on drop down of Weight of Product and select your Product Weight.

Step 7   Add your Product Specification

•Click on drop down to add Specification as needed (Size, colour, brand, expiry date Etc. )  

Step 8 Add your Product Image

•Click on button of the upload  Show Case Image also displayed everywhere. You should upload the clear  image.(It’s a compulsory) 

•Click on Button of the Image 1 to Image 5 and upload the product images of different angle.( you should have to upload  each showcase { image 1 to image 5 } of different angle image. ) 

Keep the following things in mind while clicking a product photo:-

•Clean your lens.

•Don't take a selfie.

•Avoid zoom in.

•Position your Product in a right manner.

•Set an appropriate background. (Plain white background works for most of the products.)

•Keep in Light your product evenly and without shadows. (Generally light from left is good.)

•Shoot multiple photos with different angles and details. (It helps customer to feel and know the product)  

Step 9 Add Your Other Details

•Click on drop down of Country of origination and select your country (which country origination establish).

•Click on drop down of Country of Assembly and select your country.

•Click on drop down of Assembly Type and select Assembly. 

•Click on drop down of Installation Required and select Installation (yes/No).

•Click on text box of Warranty Period and put down product warranty period.

•Click on text box of Warranty Terms and put down all terms and conditions  of  product warranty

•Click on text box of Use & clean introduction and put down Use & clean introduction  

Step 10 Add Your Product Description

•Click on text box of Description and put down product description.  

Step 11 Add your Product Disclaimer

•Click on text box of Disclaimer and put down product disclaimer.  

Step 12 Add your Product Return Policy 

       •Click on text box of Return Policy and put down return policy  

Step 13 •You may update /edit your Product even after activation by clicking on Manage option in Product section.