Help: 04 How to Create Blog?

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Creating Blog (Registration and profile creation have should have done before this) In order to continue the process of creating a blog on Bharat Village Bazar you need to login yourself on and go to your business dashboard. From business dashboard following are the steps to create blog:

Step 1 Click on Create option in blog section an business dashboard (It will show a form)

 Step 2 BHARAT VILLAGE BAZAR BUSINESS BLOG ADD ARTICLE (page displayed on your screen)

•Click on Title text box and enter title.

•Choose Category from Select Category drop down list. (Email as).

•Write Product name which you want to display on your blog page in text box. It will automatically show the product code. It is also optional and you can also add products later. But it is always a good practice to advertise your products with blog in order to increase sales.

•Upload a showcase image to display with blog. This image will show on various social media platforms (as this blog is shareable on social media platforms) so keep it proper and good looking. 

Step 3       •Type the content of blog. You may also paste it from earlier typed version. 

•You may choose various formatting features available here. 

•Images other than show case image also may drag and drop in text area as you need. 

•Image size can be dropped  down to 50 or 25 percent and alignment behavior of image with text can be set by context menu of image ( right click on image to see context menu of image).

Step 5

•After completing editing and formatting click on Add button.

Note •You may update /edit your blog even after activation by clicking on Manage option in blog section.